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Opinon about the crirtical incidents

I have read all the critical incidents and I have to tell that they're perfect! Well, not that perfect because they are critical incidents. But now is the time where i realize that they're so important to learn new things that are such a little things for ones and such a big ones for others. It teaches us a lot of things I thing we could use in our entire life. Like, if I ever go to Italy, I already know that if I met some italians there and they arrive late I'm not going to get that angry with them. And I already have experienced the swedish life for a week, and I feel like I know them very well. So, in my opinion, now is the moment when I see how useful critical incident are for everyone, and how funny too! Angie

Dalby's Diaries

Our short-term exchange of group of students in Dalby, Sweden as part of our Erasmus+ project: My Way, you Way our shared cultural identities.

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What have you learnt about yourself?

April 1st -Saturday

We knew that the returning day would be tiring because we would have to get up very early; but surprisingly, getting up before 5am was not as difficult as we thought, maybe because of the nerves of travelling by plane or seeing our family. During the night and Saturday’s morning I was a bit worried because on Friday’s afternoon my body hurt and all the teachers and I were paying attention if this pain would get better or worse. But I could sleep well, so it was not a difficulty at all. I woke up at 4:20am and then I took a shower that made me feel relaxed. After that, I had breakfast and so, the last meal I would enjoy in Sweden. As I did during the whole week, I ate milk with cereal. Then I put some more things into the luggage and Povel gave me some presents. It was such a beautiful moment!
 At a quarter past five I had to say goodbye to Povel and his mother. I told them I had been very grateful during the stay. Povel’s mother, Ingela, was also happy about my stay in their house and w…

March 31st - Friday


Friday was our last day before we had to leave Sweden and we tried to enjoy it as much as we could. I got up at a quarter past six. After that my partner and I had breakfast. For breakfast we ate a sandwich with butter and ham and a glass of milk. Later on we got in the car way to school and we were the first ones to arrive there, because we arrived at half past seven. At a quarter to eight it was time to start working. We went to the auditorium where we wrote some reflections. After the reflections we saw a video which was the first episode of a Swedish series call Welcome to Sweden. The video was very interesting because it was about the first impressions about Sweden of an American man that travelled there to live with his girlfriend. Then we had some free time which I spent playing cards with Ferran and Smilla, a Swedish girl. When the free time ended we went to the sports pavilion to play unihockey. First they explained how to play that sport and some basic rules of it to u…