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Critical Incident - KISS OR SHAKE HANDS

CRITICAL INCIDENT Shall I lean on to kiss or shake hands? When we were introducing ourselves, on Monday, I came across this little incident. I met a Bulgarian girl to whom just offered me her hand to shake, it was completely fine. Then I greeted an Italian girl. I offered her my hand (as I was taught), I didn’t see her leaning towards me. Even though, I’ve lived in Catalonia for 10 years, I still can’t get used to kissing people on the cheeks when you meet them. Naturally, it was a surprise for me. The Swedish ones were actually another story. One of my friends was talking to a Swedish guy and I was just awkwardly standing next to her, waiting for her to introduce me, or for him to say anything regarding my presence. However, it didn’t happen. In the end, I just said hello to him and shook hands. Learning point, Italians do indeed lean in for kisses on the cheeks, while Bulgarians and Swedish just prefer to shake hands and have personal space, best if you are the one int

Critical Incident - NO TITLE 3

Critical incident During these days that I've host Sofie we didn’t have any problem or a unpleasant situation, at least I think so, but maybe she was in a awkward situation that she didn't know what to do when she asked me what were the plans for the day or for the afternoon and I answered that I had to talk to my friends to agree on something. So after observing I noticed that in Sweeden people used to plan all the things that they do, moreover they like to prepare the things that they are going to do and they feel uncomfortable when they have to improvise something. Although sometimes there is no time to get everything ready, it is usually better to plan what we want to do because this is when often the things go well. Maria 


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