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CATANIA - Visual trip

 Enjoy this fantastic video about our journey to Italy. It was a greatful experience: teachers and students are so happy and they want to repeat it. From Catalonia we have recollected some photos, where you will be able to see and remember the best moments in the best island of Italy, Sicilia.

TEDTALK- Teach Every Child about Food - Jamie Oliver

Watch this TEDTALK - Teach every child about food  and read the Newspaper Article:    How celebrity chefs destroy classic Spanish dishes

Catania- Rome-Vic Saturday

Back Home

Catania Friday

Working hard

Catania Thursday

Taormina The Sound of Mount Edna in a windy day 

Catania Wednesday

Happy Birthday Morning: Reflections                  Cards game                   Break                  Volcanologism Afetrnoon: Sports                     Puppets theatre                      Home                     Go out We arrived  at 8:45  at school, we were agrupated in national groups and we did the reflections of the other days. When we finished the activity, we went to play a cards game, there were 10 tables and in each table there were different rules, me and my partner had played in Catalonia, so we had to be the observers. I observed that people got dissapointed with the game. When we finished the game, we had a break to eat something. At the end of the break we had volcanologism class, because the following day we had to go to the mount Etna, which is a volcano. Later we went to have lunch, and we tried the horse meat! At the afternoon we played a volleyball match in international groups.  At 5 o'clock  we went to a puppets play, it was

Catania Tuesday

Visiting the city

Catania Monday

Monday at work

Catania - First Impressions - Sunday

Our Italian partners

Baroque in Vic

Jobshadowing in Vic