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Critical Incident .- MY OWN EXPERIENCE

A CRITICAL INCIDENT  My own experience in in the Erasmus+ Project last Year Last year I was in Bulgaria for a week, doing a student exchange with a school from Stara Zagora. My partner, Darina, was a really nice and open-minded girl with who I got on really well with. We still keep contact and we chat sometimes. I had an amazing time there but, as they are from a different culture, we had a few misunderstandings. One of them is that when I first had dinner with them, at Darina’s grandmother’s home, Darina did not talk much during the meal so I asked her a few questions to try to start a conversation. The result was not was I was expecting: she answered the questions but did not keep talking. The room was silent again. Although the food was tasty, I was not really hungry but I ate everything because I did not want to be impolite. Darina’s grandmother, who was watching us and smiling to me whenever our eyes met, immediately took my plate and asked me if I wanted more. I quic