March 30th - Thursday

Thursday 30th

I woke up at 6:45 after that I had a shower and I went to have breakfast. In my hosting house they always eat apple with yogurt and toppings for breakfast I think it's delicious. After having breakfast Vera (my partner) and I went to school where we had "reflections" for half an hour. The first activity that we did was getting in a bus and going to the beach. It was amazing, their beaches are really different from ours and it was so cold!!!!. The second thing that we had to visit was Malmö so we got again in the bus and it took us to this beautiful city. There, we had lunch in a shopping centre in the city because it was raining outdoors, then we walked through Malmö looking at its buildings and streets. A bit after that we arrived in the Natural Science Museum where there were lots of living animals and also dead ones. It was amazing. We also saw “The Turning Torso”, the highest building in Sweden which was designed by a Spanish architect. At last we went to Emporia, one of the biggest and newest malls in Sweden. It was our final stop so the teachers went back to Dalby and most of us stayed there to shop and have dinner. We came back to Dalby first by train to Lund and then by to Dalby. A day full of experiences outside the school.


Catalans at Falsterbo beach


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