Catania Wednesday

Happy Birthday

Morning: Reflections
                Cards game
Afetrnoon: Sports
                   Puppets theatre
                   Go out
We arrived at 8:45 at school, we were agrupated in national groups and we did the reflections of the other days. When we finished the activity, we went to play a cards game, there were 10 tables and in each table there were different rules, me and my partner had played in Catalonia, so we had to be the observers. I observed that people got dissapointed with the game. When we finished the game, we had a break to eat something. At the end of the break we had volcanologism class, because the following day we had to go to the mount Etna, which is a volcano. Later we went to have lunch, and we tried the horse meat!
At the afternoon we played a volleyball match in international groups. At 5 o'clock we went to a puppets play, it was really beautiful to see how they moved. Then, at 7:30 we went home, we had a shower and we went out, next to the sea


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