March 31st - Friday


Friday was our last day before we had to leave Sweden and we tried to enjoy it as much as we could.
I got up at a quarter past six. After that my partner and I had breakfast. For breakfast we ate a sandwich with butter and ham and a glass of milk. Later on we got in the car way to school and we were the first ones to arrive there, because we arrived at half past seven.
At a quarter to eight it was time to start working. We went to the auditorium where we wrote some reflections. After the reflections we saw a video which was the first episode of a Swedish series call Welcome to Sweden. The video was very interesting because it was about the first impressions about Sweden of an American man that travelled there to live with his girlfriend. Then we had some free time which I spent playing cards with Ferran and Smilla, a Swedish girl. When the free time ended we went to the sports pavilion to play unihockey. First they explained how to play that sport and some basic rules of it to us, because we had never played it before. After the explanation we made four teams and we played two matches. We all had a great time playing unihockey, it was so funny even my team lost both matches. Then we went to the auditorium again to write about our final reflections. At the end we had to write on a post-it what had we learned about ourselves during the week and stick it on the stage. As soon as we had done this we went to the canteen to have lunch. For lunch I ate beef stew with some vegetables.
After lunch it was time to leave school so we took the bus to go to the house in Genarp. When we arrived at the house first of all I packed my suitcase. Then we watched two movies, New moon and Eclipse. After that we prepared the “typical” Swedish Friday dinner which is tacos and they were really good. While we were having dinner the family gave two presents to me.
Later on we went to a Youth Centre in Dalby where we had a karaoke night with all the people in the project. The karaoke night was amazing. People played table tennis and pool, sang and danced on the karaoke, and there were snacks to eat and some drinks. For me it was one the funniest things I did in Sweden. But when the karaoke finished it was time to say goodbye to all the people we had met there and it was a bit sad.




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