Critical Incident- TRAFFIC LIGHTS


When I went to Sicily, I was really excited about it. However, I found various misunderstandings related to traffic rules:
  1. The first day I went there, my partner’s family took me from the airport to their house, and I was really surprised because they didn’t had sitbells on their cars. I asked my partner what about the sitbell, and she looked so surprised too.
  2. Also in that first trip, when my partner’s parents were driving us home, I discovered they went really fast. It really surprised me, but I didn’t say anything. All the days after this were the same, they went really fast, even if they were going inside the city.
  3. One day, when we were hanging out with the catalans and the italians, there was a zebra crossing, and the traffic light was red for the pedestrians. Almost everybody crossed it, but I didn’t because I was used to wait until the light was green. Then I felt like if I was different from the others.

  1. What happemed in the first paragraph?
    1. The girl usually fastens her sitbell in the car, and in Italy they don’t follow that rule.
    2. The partner wanted to make a joke.
    3. The girl wasn’t used to fasten her sitbell.
  2. What happened in the second paragraph?
    1. The girl’s parents drive so slow, and her partner’s parents drove so fast in comparation.
    2. In Italy they don’t respect much the traffic rules, and they go as fast as they want.
    3. Her parntner’s parents went fast, but all the other persons go slow.
  3. What happened in the third paragraph?
    1. This person didn’t know that in Catania they don’t respect the traffic lights.
    2. This person’s friends didn’t like her and they wanted to leave her alone.
    3. This person wanted to be different from the others.
  4. Who do you think was the one to blame in all the situations?
    1. There is no one to blame, it was just a misunderstanding.
    2. The partner, because she didn’t explain how this worked in Catania.
    3. The girl, because she didn’t study Italy hard enough.


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