March 26th - leaving home

On our way to Sweden, we left Barcelona

We crossed the Pyrenees

Öresund from the plane

At 7 o’clock in the morning we met each other at the school to go to the airport to catch the plane to Denmark. As soon as we got there we checked in the baggage. Then we had breakfast and we looked in some shops in the airport while we were waiting for the plane
The plane was leaving at 10:30 from Barcelona and we arrived in Denmark at 13:30. During the flight we were listening to music, reading and looking through the window.
At the airport in Copenhagen we converted our money to Swedish Krona and then we went to collect our luggage. At the same airport, three Swedish students came and guided us to the train that goes from Denmark to Sweden.
At Lund we got off the train and we waited for our partners to pick us up because we were early. When we met our partners we went to their house and stayed there.



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