Critical Incident - TWO little misunderstandings

In Catania I had a few critical incidents, but I remember a special one, when I arrived I didn’t know how to greet my partner’s mother or my partner’s sister, so I avoided physical contact, like hugs or kisses, I just shook hands, and then they were shocked, but I decided to ignore that. What should I have done?
a.       Ignore it and shook hands.
b.      Talk with my partner about it before I arrived to Catania.
c.       Ask how they greet in each situation.

Why did it happen?
a.      Because our cultures are so different
b.      It was a peculiar situation, that only happens in this family
c.       Because they thought that our culture is more conservative.
a.      I don’t really think that our cultures are so different, conversely, they are very similar.
b.      Maybe, it’s true, but I couldn’t compare it with other families.
c.       As the first one, from my point of view they didn’t think that because our cultures are so similar.
Another critical incident was that the traffic was terribly bad. The first day after the arrival, I got surprised about two things. Firstly I didn’t have to fasten my seat belt because they told me that It wasn’t necessary, and then the traffic was the worst thing I’ve ever seen, people skipped the traffic lights, I was terribly scared. What should I have done?
a.       Fasten my seat belt although they said me that it was not necessary.
b.      Trust in my host’s driving skills.
c.       Talk with my host about it and ask him if they could drive safely.

Why did it happen?
a.      They like the speed.

b.      They are experienced divers so they know exactly what they are doing.



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