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FOOD Pyramid


I found a link that presents a lot of different games to learn the food pyramid. First, they are about food  and how it is classified. Then, there are puzzels or questions and games to practise what they have taught you about it. 
I think it could be very useful for the students of first of ESO because it's a practical and a funny way to learn.


Here there is the link to a game where you have to classify some foodstuff in their respective group for example fruit, grain, diary, protein... I think it could be useful  for students in first and second of eso because you can learn names of different food and how to classify them.


This is a link of a website that explains what the food pyramid and its components consist on. You can also learn about how our diet is constructed and planned.

This link will lead you to a page where you can design your own food pyramid, you can do it reading the information that the game gives you. It gives you for example, the quantity of oils, the solid fats or the added sugars. Also, you can choose the daily activities you can practice, then you can create your own diet and consequently your own total routine.


This game teachs you how much sugar, oils or solid fats has each food. Also, it teachs you if the meal is healthy or not. You have to feed a person with fuel, which is the food, this way you can control how much energy  every meal has.You can also make the person do exercise, this way you can control how a healthy diet can be.


I found this web where there are several food pyramid worksheets and I think this one seemed the best. This food pyramid worksheet is a 3 pages reading comprehension and it focuses in teenagers' diet. First there's a reading where it talks about the different categories in the pyramid and then how a teenager can hold a healthy diet. Finally there's a sheet with 35 questions of true or false. I think it's a good sheet because most of the webs I found about the issue wore basically elementary school level -too easy-. 


First you click the link and you'll see a food pyramid game.

When the game has opened you have to write your name, your age and specify your gender. After that, you click enter to start with the game. 
The game is about to choose a menu for breakfast lunch and dinner with the pruporse to make it balanced and healthy. 
I recomend this game to ESO students because in my opinion it is very usefull for learning about eating healcy and balanced lifestyle. You also learn about nutrition.

PD: In case the link does not work the game is called: Food Pyramid Game 


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